The owner and designer Ana Lúcia Gândara Brandimarte has the concept to translate the creations of nature into exclusive pieces and, through the reutilization of solid, dry and devitalized wood residues, gives a noble destination to it, preserving to the maximum colors, textures and asymmetries. The careful selection of the raw material used in the products is done according to the licenses of the competent environmental agencies and follows the Sustainable Forest Management Plan (PMFS).

Ana Lucia Gandara Brandimarte born in the city of Mirassol, São Paulo (Brazil) and lived 16 years in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul where, with the support and encouragement of her husband Mirivaldo and her children Ana Carolina and Murilo, she began the journey of a dream, observing the residues resulting from human interference in the forests and get inspiring with them.

Today, based in the city of Mirassol, São Paulo, she works as a psychologist, and develops her work as a designer by requalifying the wood remnants of native forest, reclaimed from pasture and crop areas, in a daily practice of sustainability.